U.S.S. Goyang-Si returning to the Earth’s Spacedock for quick repairs

Captain’s log, stardate 97842.55. U.S.S. Goyang-Si returning to the Earth’s Spacedock for quick repairs… (a Star Trek music starts playing).

This is a Constitution-Class Starship (Star Trek Discovery variant) and one of the many exploration cruisers sent by the United Federation of Planets to 5 years long missions. 🤖💜🖖🏻

Currently, this is my favorite ship to play with in the Star Trek Online game, beautiful and very fun in combat. In game, it is a Constitution Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carrier.

The game is a MMORPG with space and ground missions (both PVE and PVP) and anual Seasons divided in Episodes just like a TV series. In 2020, STO is celebrating its 10th Years Birthday with the 10th Season, Legacy.

I’ve play it for many years, taking breaks and coming back. It is a great game for MMO players, gamers who like space combat and the sci-fi theme and Star Trek fans. 

It is produced by Cryptic Studios, published by Perfect World Entertainment and available in Steam and Arc. I really recommend it!

We are working on a gameplay video for our YouTube channel.

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